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Sliver Robo
Sliver Robo

Does Axle push data back into open dental automatically?

Yes, Axle seamlessly pulls and pushes data back into your open dental database without having to manually insert data.

How is data pulled and pushed into my PMS?

Your practice data is securely pulled direftly from your PMS utilzing FHIR (Fast Health Interoperability Resources) to securely transmit data.

How often is my practice data updated on Axle?

Your data is updated in real-time and you can instantly view any changes that are made.

Is a long-term contract required?

Our model is simple, we only require a month to month agreement.

Is my patient data secure on Axle platform?

Yes, your patient data is fully secure and Axle is in full PCI and HIPPA compliance.

Can I sign in from anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can use Axle from anywhere in the world and perform work as if you were still in the office.

Is training provided for my staff?

Yes, an Axle on-boarding specialist will be with you every step of the way. From on-boarding to collecting your first real payment or scheduling your first patient.

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