Capture diagnosed opportunities creating a competitive environment within your practice and effortlessly fill your schedule.


Review Dashboard

Discover and capture diagnosed opportunities effortlessly and fill your schedule with zero marketing dollars.


Converting Treatment

Offer flexible solutions to patients for diagnosed treatment not scheduled.

Understanding UST

Visibility on patients that were not scheduled for their diagnosed treatment.

Boost Production

Fill your schedule and decrease provider and hygienist vacancy percentage.

Boost scheduled production

Decrease provider and hygienist vacancy percentage by simply analyzing
unscheduled patients and scheduling them for their diagnosed treatment.


Unscheduled Treatment


Scheduled Treatment


Conversion Rate


Insights by scheduled
patients procedures

Management Mobile

Quickly and easily view employee performance for any region at any practice, all from one-page.

Management Desktop

Key Features

Customizable Data

Customizable Data

Filter by treatment types, amounts or timeframes you want to work.

Reputation Management

Increase Revenue

Capture revenue opportunities to instantly fill your schedule via Axle.

Guaranteed accurate breakdown

Conversion Rate

View CR for scheduled treatments by group, region, practice or employee.

Google Integration

Performance Metrics

Effortlessly view metrics for employees performing UST.

Text Messaging

Unscheduled Reasons

Have visibility as to why a treatment was unable to be scheduled.

Centralized Workflow

Practice Health

Analyze practice health from high-level metrics or in depth data.

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